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Talent Concept

Responsibility, competence, good office, trust

No talent, no outstanding businesses. Responsibility and competence is the only element Tai Fung selection criteria, and trust is the element of good office with only the standard Tai Fung.


Responsibility is to have a sense of responsibility, professionalism, dedication and responsibility to be bold, dare to take up responsibility and desire to make achievements, meritorious deeds, desire for status, to have ambitions and aspirations. Yuan Tai Fung people their jobs need to be conscientious, while the state and the society, family, loved ones should have a sense of responsibility.
Yuan Tai Feng employing the first criterion is the "moral" issue. "Virtue was not worthy of no great responsibility, no moral talented enough to sell his evil." Feng Yuan Thai people should be honest, trustworthy, modest, unity, mind, there is a collective sense of honor. On the request is the community's request, must have a morality, not morality that a person can not become qualified Yuan Tai Fung people. The lack of morality of the people, regardless of how much can be firmly turned away.


Yuan Tai Feng is not to determine personnel qualifications as the sole criterion. That everyone can become a people, as long as the good do their job, competence and posts, with the corresponding capacity, that is talent, and that require reasonable knowledge structure and skills, with strong learning ability and adaptability for dollars Tai Fung development requirements, competent candidates positions, and can continue to progress.

Shan Ren

Yuan Tai Feng personnel according to the different characteristics of different professionals strive to put the most appropriate position, to maximize the role of talent to best use. And respect the staff's personal ambition, attention to realize the value of talent for talent a platform to display their talents, the value of human resources development and utilization, so that employees can get the maximum play.

Objective assessment of the staff to implement posts mechanisms at higher or lower in the competition and reasonable flow of restructuring mechanisms being out of form, the selection mechanism of a virtuous circle. Efforts to achieve the optimal allocation of human resources, the implementation of "jump the peaches," Who is who has the capacity, so that the capacity as a measure of the role of talent in the enterprise the size of the main scale.


Yuan Tai Feng to recognize and meet the manpower needs, respect and accommodate people's personality, no doubt insist on the employer, not the suspect. The bold use of personnel on the use of full confidence, full authority, suppression luck, tomorrow no judgments, and strive to improve the transparency of the system implementation. Only allowed to assume positions of responsibility, but also to the corresponding rights.

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