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Tai Feng Specialty Lighting

Tai Feng Specialty Lighting has been specializing in the industrial specialty lighting area since we were established in China. We exploited markets hardly at first, and have cut a road to become “Professional, Sophisticated and Strong”.

Tai Feng Specialty Lighting has expanded product lines to include Super High Pressure Capillary Mercury Lamps,Mercury UV Curing Lamps,Metal Halide UV Lamps,PCB Exposure Lamps,Graphic Art Lamps, Mercury-Xenon Short Arc Lamps, Ultra-high Stable Xenon Mercury Lamps, Xenon Short Arc Lamps, Germicidal Lamps, Infrared Lamps, Special Fluorescent Lamps, Quartz halogen lamps, Microwave Bulbs and a variety of UV curing, exposure and printing accessories to meet customers’ demands. Tai Feng Specialty Lighting has established good collaborative relations with many world-renowned PCB and LCD manufacturers, and obtains trust from clients and enjoys high reputation.

Tai Feng Specialty Lighting is dedicated to building long-term relationships with customers by providing high quality products at reasonable prices and with excellent customer service, while upholding a high code of ethics. With our extended experience in the specialty lighting industry, we can offer superior technical supports of 24 hours a day. Rapid delivery, stable quality and increasing competitiveness for customers are the promise of Tai Feng Specialty Lighting.



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Suzhou Office
Tel:0512-67952660  65160830

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  Shenzhen Office
  Add:Room 336, Block B,Huafeng Commercial Building,Zone 25, Bao'an,Shenzhen,China
  Tel:0755-27807300  Fax:0755-27808700

Suzhou Office
Add:Room 305, Block 6, Nan Yuan Hua Yuan ,No.338 South Nanyuan Road, 
        Canglang District,Suzhou ,Jiangsu ,China
Tel:0512-67952660 65160830  Fax:0512-67952990